Should I watch some content today?

Okay I’m 4 episodes into in two days and it’s awesome! Highly recommend

I don’t like having COVID

Re-watched Blade Runner 2049 recently, what a brilliant film. 🎥

Reading lots about this week, not sure, quite like the fact I’m hosting my own Mastodon instance and can cross post to it via Bridgy

Oof Brighton are a good team aren’t they! Still hoping Man utd can win this one

It’s sem-final time, lets gooo 👺⚽️

Seems I was wrong with the xG lol

The xG Philosophy : Nottm Forest (0.92) 0-2 (3.87) Man Utd

We really need to get a top-quality injury free striker for next season

Not watched any

Worth getting into< I believe this 4th season has been confirmed as the last?


YES! We really should be getting top-4 and Champions League football next season!

Will be interested to see the xG, thought we deserved to win, but 1-0 might have been a fairer result.