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@dotuk just to keep helping build the

4 years ago

I have great respect for Tantek Çelik t for his work pioneering the

4 years ago

Hope the summit 2016 goes well for everyone!

2 years ago

Has bridgy stopped working?

1 year ago

Trying out Quill again now my codebase has been improved

1 year ago

That last note was me getting OwnYourSwarm working again

1 year ago

I think I’ve added some correct ActivityStreams 2.0 data to my website

1 year ago

I can now like Tweets on my site using Indigenous, next step is to use Bridgy to POSSE the like back to Twitter so I only need to do on “like” action 👨‍💻

11 months ago

It’s still very simple, and not on a public facing website yet, but getting there

10 months ago

Pushed some small updates to my website this weekend, going to try and get a working version of my own micropub client this afternoon

8 months ago