1-0 probably a fair lead at half time 👺⚽️

Using Xcode crashed the window previews in Stage Manager occasionally.

I have to click the desktop to make the current app “minimize” and then I get my preview windows in the sidebar to appear.

I do wish I could get to the bottom of my DNS resolution errors on my Hetzner box 🤔😵‍💫

Still waiting for Ivory for Mac…

Ended up with two big Easter eggs this year, so no complaints 🐣

Thoroughly enjoying the new album by Thomas Bangalter (formerly of Daft Punk)


Goodbye posting to Twitter via Bridgy

Just deployed the initial version of my re-design, uses some new CSS features via PostCSS like native nesting!

Loving Ivory for iOS, wondering when I’ll be able to get Ivory for macOS? Is there a TestFlight?

Really hope we get Firefox on iOS properly: https://www.techmeme.com/230208/p7