I’m ¾ of the way through Fired on Mars, really enjoying it so far. At times the art style is beautiful.

How is Verstappen so good? 🏎️

According to the tech specs, my work supplied 14-inch MacBook Pro has a better display than my own 24-inch iMac, but I prefer my iMac display!

Went to see Dirty Dancing at the Palace Theatre last night, wonderful 🎭🎷

Who’s cool and looking for lawnmowers? That’s right, me

How has Lampard done so badly at Chelsea? And they’ve got Newcastle for their last game 😂

Loving that Justice was used for the music in the new Marathon teaser trailer

Finally installed Ivory for macOS, simply lovely

Switched from my self-compiled nginx based in the quic branch to nginx-mainline on with absolutely no issues,