Can highly recommend Spring for Twitter, runs on iOS and macOS

Well that was new, macOS Ventura seems to have changed the sudoers file to allow access for users in the group admin and not wheel. Caused me some issues just now.

One thing that annoys me about Stage Manager on macOS Ventura is the notification like banner that appears when there is an incoming call. Its considered a new app window and suddenly what I was using is thrown into the piles! So annoying

Got Pepper a new harness yesterday, going to try it on her first walk later

Enjoying Stage Manager in macOS Ventura, wish you could have more items in the side bar, maybe you could scroll older items into view?

Improved how I store my syndication targets, should help with abstracting the code for a v1.0 release.

I can define a slug with MicroPub, maybe I can use that as a differentiator for articles and notes?

Do I have basic notes still working? Trying to get MicroPub setup again.

I think what annoys me most about this Internal Market Bill fiasco is this is based on an agreement PM Johnson negotiated himself. If its such a threat to the UK why did he agree to it in the first place? Idiot.