Having a lovely day in Windermere, just stopping for a cider 🍺

Hopefully I can post to my site from any Micropub client now?

Are Man City geting four titles in a row? At least we (Man Utd) don’t have 115 charges from the Premier League against us.

The answer to my previous question is lots, Man Utd can ruin it lots.

We’re just so shit!

Been having a nice day today, let’s see how much Man Utd can ruin it…

Wow at the ending of this year’s properly felt like a kid again

TIL brew comes with a shellenv command to help set up your PATH and MANPATH

I mean week in the last post

Its week, watching night 1 with a friend and there’s a lot of wrestling we have lined up on the Saturday with NXT and SmackDown as well as Mania. Exciting.

20 years of GMail, I remember getting an account when it was still invite only, am I old?