Wow at the ending of this year’s properly felt like a kid again

TIL brew comes with a shellenv command to help set up your PATH and MANPATH

I mean week in the last post

Its week, watching night 1 with a friend and there’s a lot of wrestling we have lined up on the Saturday with NXT and SmackDown as well as Mania. Exciting.

20 years of GMail, I remember getting an account when it was still invite only, am I old?

Can we get less betting adverts in football? We managed to do it for drinking ads

Looks like Firefox might be getting vertical tabs soon, excitring times

Only over a year late to the party, but My 21st Century Blues by RAYE is amazing!

The Apple Music album artwork video however, is horrific

Watched the new Road House film earlier today, lots of fun, even if somewhat predictable

Finished work for today, long Easter weekend holiday now 🍫🥚

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