Anyone else actually enjoying this World Cup? Shame about the hosts

If @FirefoxNightly could release a fix for the scrolling bug, that’d be great!

Qatar weren’t embarrassingly bad, but I wonder if they’ll end up going out without scoring a single goal?

I’ve fixed the proccessing of jobs so they are no longer done in sync, but in a proper queue, so that’s good.

Me media endpoint is still a little broken though, Quill keeps claiming there’s a recent photo.

World Cup starts today, just weird having it in November/December. Well done FIFA slow clap

I was nervous for the launch even without any humans on board!

Let’s gooo!!!! 🚀

Honestly done with now, get him out in Jan

Just updated my Mastodon instance to v4.0.0.rc4, can’t be long to v4 gets released on the stable channel

Trying Xcode for the first time today

Bloody love tacos from Wolf at the Door