Anyone that added a alias by adding a WebFinger to their own domain, how’s that going? Had any technical issues crop up?

The Ivory app is defiantly the best app for Mastodon I’ve used, even got me venturing back into Tweetbot again. Mastodon has been awesome but haven’t found the same political commentary on there that I’d curated on Twitter.

Managed to finally finish The Last Of Us: Part II over the holidays, just in time for the TV show to start!

Been listening to a fair bit of Madeon today, would love to see him live sometime. Pity he probably won’t come to Manchester on tour 😢

I do wish Depenabot was quicker at updating its PRs

Had to turn DNSSEC off on my server until this gets fixed...

I’m now following enough people on Mastodon I can’t keep up with my home feed, winning

Anyone else randomly refreshing the Ivory Mastodon app’s TestFlight link hoping some random spots open?

Wow, how long has been in maintenance mode? Sending some their way

Well, I watched the start of the Artemis 1 mission, may as well watch the end later today