Anyone else just get depressed by all the news they read?

Anyone else watching the later? 🏎️

Finished season 2 of “Kevin Can F**k Himself” today. Really liked the transformation in Neil’s character from Season 1. Overall a good show. 📺

Is Boris Johnson gone now? Can this please be the last day I have to read about him

The more I read about the Vision Pro the more I want one. Is that bad?

Have added Flare to my website now that there’s a hobby pricing tier, was super easy to set up, thanks

Anyone recommend a good instance to join?

Can’t believe Apollo for Reddit is closing down June 30th 😢

Anyone tried running PhpStorm on macOS Sonoma?

Anyone having issues running Homebrew with the macOS 14 and Xcode 15 betas?

Or we good to upgrade?