Would you say the profile pic only needs to be embedded into the individual posts page? I also have an hCard in the footer of every page, I suppose that info isn’t caught by php-mf2 properly.

Well getting OwnCloud working has been a failure.

I don’t want to install it on a sub-domain, that get’s complicated with SSL certificates. So I tried to install it into a sub-directory, i.e. jonnybarnes.net / owncloud but its getting complicated setting up nginx properly.

Having a lovely Sunday lunch with Sophie and her family.

Also pleasing to me is the clean-up of my maps code. I’ve moved to mapbox and, whilst making things simpler, I can now drag-and-drop the marker on the map to set my location for the note!

The “spam” repost of an earlier note that was cross-posted to Twitter shows that yes, brid.gy support works.

Not sure what will happen if someone sends a native webmention reply, and that reply is cross-posted to Twitter, will brid.gy send me the POSSEd version as well?

So apart from the simple redesign. I genuinly think I can receive webmentions now.

I have just signed into brid.gy with Twitter, so hopefully replies from twitter will appear on my site.

I think I have webmentions working. Could someone test?

Typical United for this season. Wonder who exactly Moyes will try and bring in this summer.

No Ben Nevis challenge this year. Ran out of time to raise enough funds. The organisers are allowing us to take the challenge next year though!

Absolutely loving 2048. Deceptively addictive.