I might try and add 2FA to the site soon. First though is webmention support. Laravel’s Eloquent ORM should help with that.

Wow, this microhub API stuff actually works!

Lot’s of work on my site. Using short URLs better conforming to [Whistle’s spec](http://tantek.pbworks.com/w/page/21743973/Whistle). I’m also working on implementing the micropub API. IndieAuth authorisation is done. Just need to make it post.

The more complex aspect would be making my backend accept micropub created posts.

Next on the list is incorporating webmention support. Not really an indieweb site till I do.

I dislike it when Twitter doesn’t play ball.

I’ve updated my short URL code to now use algorithmic URLs based on [Whistle](http://tantek.pbworks.com/w/page/21743973/Whistle)’s design. Old ones don’t work now.

Is anyone else who’s using startSSL certificates getting an IO Error when using W3’s Nu Validation Service

Just done half an hour of the Insanity workout. I’m knackered!

I can now add location data to my notes! Though this isn’t being sent to Twitter yet.

Waiting to

A great way to end the year.

Giving “Signs” a watch on Sky Movies.