I’ve added my PGP key (link removed 2022-08-20), with fingerprint: B068 1437 14F5 2628 5404 92FE 6C13 E65E CABC 1625

Though I have got my syndication short links working well now.

I’ll be quite happy with my micropub endpoint once it syndicates photos to twitter. Also, all the Twitte API libraries not using Guzzle make me sad 😞

I can’t get my site to post images to Twitter, I’ve opened an issue with the relevant package.

A charity I volunteer at has a laptop running Windows XP, what’s the cheapest way of getting a supported version for it?

Is there a known/best way of exposing <abbr> info to touch-screen devices?

An XKCD What If? entry has lead me into the rabbit hole of IMDb tags. Oh dear…

I think I’ve worked it out.