It’s nearly kick-off time for the England game.

My implementation of the micropub API is coming along nicely.

So I’m updating Node.js, I could download 0.10.29, but the main website still says 0.10.28 is the latest. Confused.

My trusty early 2009 MacBook may be starting to give up the ghost. It’s telling me to “Service Battery”.

Hopefully my notes are being posted to Twitter correctly.

I think I may have my micropub API endoint and client working.

Who else has signed up for the OS X Yosemite beta? I’m still waiting for the email though.

This evening I’ve updated OpenSSH on my server, and now I’m using ed25519 keys. Still need to get my keyring managers to store the keys though.

A nice bottle of brewdog after a walk in the woods with some friends. A happy Friday indeed.