Back home after the morning at Bowlers. We made about £50 profit, not too bad but we should have done better.

Got talking to the women on the stall opposite us and she said that she made a third of what she made last week. So obviously a bad week today.

I think we are going to go again though. Need to raise enough money to even attempt the Ben Nevis Challenge.

At Bowlers Exhibition Centre selling some stuff to raise money for Start in Salford. Going well so far.

You know, I actually quite like fixing my Arch Linux desktop when something goes wrong.

WBA 0-3 MUFC, that’s more like it. Rumours Robin van Persie is leaving in the summer were eased by the fact we actually played better after he was subbed off around the hour mark.

As a Brit it’s really weird seeing courtroom footage from Pistorius’ trial. Cameras aren’t allowed in out courtrooms.

Busy at start trying to fundraise for our Ben Nevis walk this summer.

Next idea on the agenda is a car boot sale this Sunday. Not sure how much we’ll raise though. The upcoming quiz night should be good though.

I can smell @sophieryder cooking the chicken. It smells awesome!

At my girlfriend’s place. About to have a chicken roast meal for the second night in a row before driving home. Hopefully gonna get web mentions working on my site tonight.

A very intersting article by @Gruber:

Just compare the number of phones Apple make compared to Samsung for an example of focus.