IndieWeb and POSSE

I’m trying to adhere to the IndieWeb principals, as my homepage states. The first step was to get the ability to create notes, or micro-blogging, and then syndicate these to other silos.

The most popular one by far, and the one I interact with most actually, is Twitter. So that’s what I’m looking to achieve initially, and then I can integrate support for other silos. Currently things are going well.

My code is capable of syndicating notes to Twitter with a permashortcitaction. If the note is too long it will ellide at the appropriate word boundary and then add a permalink to the note.

Further I can specify the URL of a particular tweet and the syndicated tweet will then be a reply to the original tweet. Allowing for threading on twitter.

This is done by combining two pieces of software. The main code that runs my site. This is where the actual interaction with Twitter occurs. The preparation work is done in my POSSE library. This is what creates the correctly formatted tweet and works out the reply to status id. I don’t think it’s ready for other people to use yet though. And there are still some features to be added.