iPhone Recall

People are saying a recall of the iPhone 4 is inevitable. That simply isn't true. Yes, the iPhone does lose some signal when held that way, but that isn't enough to make Apple recall.

A recall is estimated to cost Apple 1.5 billion USD. That's a lot of money. Apple have no obligation to recall. If, let's say, the batteries were exploding due to a defective design which then caused a risk of injury to the owner, then yes, Apple would have to recall. But honestly, all that's happening is the signal decreases a little. Apple aren't going to spend that kind of money if they don't have to.

What I believe we are actually seeing is a backlash against a company that was once the little guy that posed little threat to people like Microsoft now becoming huge. Once you get big, people stop liking you. It happened to Google, it's happened to Facebook. It's now happening to Apple.