Another testing post

Let’s try posting to Bluesky again

Just testing my integrations

Think I’ve got WebMentions working properly on my site again, woohoo

Tiring day at work today, looking forward to the latest episode of tonight

Finally worked out how to stop AppleTV+ autoplaying the next episode in a show, praise be!

I was looking for it before, so can only assume it’s been added in tvOS 17.4

Has tvOS 17.4 finally added the ability to not have the next episode of a program autoplay?

Watching Dune: Part One tonight ready for Dune: Part Two in IMAX tomorrow.

I can’t wait, Denis Villeneuve easily one of my favourite directors working at the moment.

Using Apple Music via the web app, one day they’ll sort out the native macOS app!

A certain inevitability to this season then...

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