Typical, the one race I miss (I’m not waking up at 4am local time ☠️) turns out to be a great race!

Getting back into The Slow Readers Club, here’s hoping they add a Manchester date to their tour this year

I’m resorting to the classic turn it off and on again trying to fix this problem

Getting annoyed now

One more new note

Another testing post

Let’s try posting to Bluesky again

Just testing my integrations

Think I’ve got WebMentions working properly on my site again, woohoo

Tiring day at work today, looking forward to the latest episode of tonight

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I am active to varying degrees on several silos:

My usual online nickname is normally jonnybarnes for other services. I also syndicate my content to the IndieWeb friendly site micro.blog. Here’s a profile pic. You can email me at hi@jonnybarnes.uk, or message me on Matrix: @jonny:jonnybarnes.uk.