Is that on OS X? I think the iMessage app is essentially a re-skin of the old iChat app which had file transfers as well.

We had a chicken breast with black pepper and chive mayo, a pastrami with mustard mayo and shredded little gem, and an oak smoked ham and vintage cheddar, all on hedgehog bloomer.

My girlfriends the best!

Having a nice little picnic with my girlfriend overlooking the dam in the woods.

Godzilla was very good. I liked that for once a disaster film wasn’t set in either LA or NY.

Hopefully Godzilla will be as good as I’m hoping.

Must say I’m underwhelmed by the IMAX screen, Manchester has spoilt me.

Pre Godzilla food with Sophie

Would you say the profile pic only needs to be embedded into the individual posts page? I also have an hCard in the footer of every page, I suppose that info isn’t caught by php-mf2 properly.

Well getting OwnCloud working has been a failure.

I don’t want to install it on a sub-domain, that get’s complicated with SSL certificates. So I tried to install it into a sub-directory, i.e. but its getting complicated setting up nginx properly.

Having a lovely Sunday lunch with Sophie and her family.

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