Having a beer with the last of the day’s sun in the garden, it’s the little things in life 😊

Who loves reprovisioning vagrant boxes?

Half-day Friday is best Friday!!

Testing again with location

Testing a new note with my location.

My micropub client works for the actual note, but location data isn’t being sent with the request. ☹️

It’s football tonight, gonna score a banger, I can feel it ☄️

Thinking of Hillsborough today,

We still need justice yet though, the way the police tried to hide blame after the tragedy should be criminal.

Pushed some small updates to my website this weekend, going to try and get a working version of my own micropub client this afternoon

My name is Jonny Barnes, and jonnybarnes.uk is my site. I’m from Manchester, UK .

I am active to varying degrees on several silos:

My usual online nickname is normally jonnybarnes for other services. I also syndicate my content to the IndieWeb friendly site micro.blog. Here’s a profile pic. I also have a PGP key, with fingerprint. You can email me at jonny at my domain, or message me on XMPP.